A Latte of Things to Come

Well hello there!

For those of you who know me, this will be very repetitive, but for those of you who don't....

Hi! My name is Theresa, and I'm a middle-aged woman trapped inside the body of an 18 year-old girl. I usually say "I've been adulting straight out of the womb," but I don't think I realized how difficult it would actually be until I turned 17. I started college a year early at Johnson and Wales University, and soon found how challenging it can be to balance school, a career, and church, as well as attempting to maintain a social life!

Besides my "adulting," I find my happiness in music, baking, coffee, but most importantly in my relationship with Christ. I love sharing scriptures with friends and family on Facebook, as well as in person. I have a heart for people, and I want to make it my mission to share the gospel as much as I properly can.

The reason I call this blog "Seven Cups of Coffee" is because I drink wayyyyyy too much coffee in a day, but also because 7 is a holy number; God rested on the 7th day of creation, and said that it was complete. I personally believe that everyone needs time to rest, and I hope that writing in this blog is a perfect medium to connect with people facing things each and every day that I may experience as well.

I also like the thought of using the number 7 because I associate it with the word "several." I plan to use these posts to talk about several things that are close to me, or things I enjoy doing/talking about that other people can connect with:

1. Christ/Encouragement

2. Baking/Cooking/Recipes

3. Music


5. Anxiety and Overcoming

6. College

7. Friends and Family

8. Adulting :/

9. Life Updates

10. Etc......

But anyways, thank you for reading, and expect a lot from me in the time to come :)

Love, prayers, and caffeine,


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